About Us

Inventive Marketing -MOTOFEET

A Family owned and Family operated company. 

MOTOFEET is a very special part of the Menzler family.

On October 18, 2005, MOTOFEET felt a devastating blow at the loss of Wendy Menzler. However with each MOTOFEET we produce, her dream still lives on. 

John has spent the better part of his life in the automotive industry. He strived on a daily basis to offer his customers a product that is not  only versatile but cost effective as well. You may not have found John in our  main office as he has other commitments within the automotive industry.   However, he was the final say on the MOTOFEET business.  John was proudly associated with these Groups and Associations.

SEMA, HRIA Council, MPMC Council, ARMO Council, NSRA, and GOODGUYS.

John’s dedication to the automotive industry has won him many awards as:

NHRA Div 4 Person of the Year 1988

MPMC Industry Recognition Award 2000

SEMA Member Recruitment 2009

SBN Mentor of the Year 2010

MPMC Hall of Fame 2010

SEMA Person of the Year 2011

SEMA Hall of Fame in the Year 2014

It  is this dedication and understanding of the automotive industry that  pushes our family to produce a High Quality American made product.

 On Oct 3, 2013 MOTOFEET experienced another great loss at the death of Owner John Menzler. However we his children proudly carry on dream.

Aug 2016 MOTOFEET moved to its New and current location.

5221 West Montebello Ave Suite B-13, Glendale, AZ. 85301 

The Original MOTOFEET is made in Arizona.

Each piece is a durable steel construction that is hand crafted for the specific engine types. 


Each piece of the Original MOTOFEET is hand-cut, Drilled and welded by members of our family. 

They are then given a durable powder-coated finish, boxed, labeled and ready to ship to our customers.  

August 2017 - MOTOFEET added the Pontiac Engine Cradle (Part # 1500) to its list of stands available. 

We here at MOTOFEET, want to offer our sincerest appreciation to our dealers, our customers and the automotive industry 

for helping us to keep the Original MOTOFEET standing strong.